ModuleBuild ToDo List

Project Site:

There are many items which are possible and should probably be added to this project. Here are a few thoughts on ones I'll probably get addressed sooner or later. I'm open to suggestions or pull requests.

  • Update the sensitive parameter scans to be a pester test instead
  • Add pre-gallary deployment pester tests for any files that will cause issues or cause the psscript analyzer at the gallery to fail (so files beginning with a period will not transfer, ps1 files in extra directories will cause analyzer failures, et cetera)
  • ~~Create functions to pull functions from another module (function only) and recreate them in the current module project directory would be cool.~~
  • Better git tasks?
  • Include more useful base pester tests for standard modules
  • ~~Automatic module version update options if uploading to the gallery~~
  • Automatic clean up of additional loaded modules when uploading to the gallery
  • Powershell Core compatibility
  • Automatic updates of the file
  • PSDeploy integration?
  • Github releases integration?
  • Smoother path to upgrade ModuleBuild for existing projects